Make Up and Beauty Haul

I thought I would make the most of the only day in what seems like a lifetime that it has not rained in the UK and went for a walk around the local town, only to end up on a make up spree. I spent way more than I meant to although this is not hard to do when you hadn’t intended on buying anything at all!

Thought I would share with you all what I brought …

SHELLEY - photo 3

Superdrug has long been a favourite shop of mine and I’ve heard a lot of good things about their MUA range. I love the few items I have already have in my collection so I couldn’t resist picking up a few new items.

SHELLEY - photo 4 - Copy (2)

SHELLEY - uSHELLEY - photo 5








MUA pressed face powder in Shade 1 – £1
This is the lightest of the 4 shades on offer. I am planning on using this to set my under eye conceler to keep the colour bright/light.

SHELLEY - photo 1 - Copy (3)SHELLEY - photo 2 - Copy








MUA Eye Shadow Palette in Undressed (Top) and Undress Me Too (bottom) – both £4
I love the pigmentation and colour of the MUA eyeshadows I already own so I am hoping these are just as good!Why 2 neutral palettes? Well I’ve heard these are brilliant dupes of 2 of my favourite palettes and plan to test this out soon.


MUA Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in Stay – FREE! (should be £3)
You have got to love a good deal on make up. Superdrug are running an offer to get a Colour Blast Eyeshadow for free when you spend over £6 across the MUA range. My Superdrug only had 2 colours in stock but I figure this would work well as a base or a highlight.

Next stop was Boots. Now this is where I usually get drawn in by the bright lights and counters full of foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows – my idea of heaven. I managed to stay focused on this trip and only picked up three items.

SHELLEY - photo 2

Real Techniques Foundation Brush (bottom left)£9.99, Silocone Liner Brush (bottom right) £5.99, Setting Brush (top) £8.99
These were on a 3 for 2 deal so I ended up only paying £19 for all three. I have wanted the setting brush and foundation brush for some time now and cant wait to use them. The silocone liner brush is new to the range and I am keen to see if it can help me master the art of gel liners.

SHELLEY - photo 5 - Copy

Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone £5.99
I can not live without this moisturiser. I use this everyday without fail before I apply my primer.

The last shop I went to was not even for the purpose of buying make up and I was plesently surprised when I came across these bargains in Poundland.







Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Varnish

SHELLEY - photo SHELLEY - photo 1 (2)









Chit Chat Highlighter

SHELLEY - photo 3 - Copy (3) SHELLEY - photo 4 - Copy








Calvin Klein Sheer Crème Eyeshadow in Cashmere Plum (left) and Vinyl Indigo (right).

Needless to say these were all £1 each. I was surprised to see branded items on the shelves of Poundland and I am not sure if these products are in the curremt ranges but for £1 who can moan if they aren’t?

Well that is for this shopping trip, what do you think of the products? Do you own any of them? What would you like me to review first? Leave your comments below.


Shelley xo



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